15 of the Top Podcasts on Leadership

15 of the Top Podcasts on Leadership

Podcasts have quickly risen in popularity in the last couple of years. The climbing trend puts what some might describe as audio-blogging in the mix with some of the most viable forms of entertainment and information sharing. In fact, estimates show an equal percentage (around 21) of the US population using Twitter and subscribing to podcasts.

At first, podcasts were unsophisticated and difficult to download. Technology has resolved these issues, but beyond that, one of the main reasons people prefer podcasts to other mediums, such as radio, is that they have fewer commercials. A podcast also gives its creator freedom to focus on her or his interests, rather than pressure to please broad demographics. As a result, listeners can find everything ranging from the eccentric to the esoteric.

Greater variety and greater versatility have lifted the podcast to its elevated plane. The public can listen to what they want, when they want, instead of having to tune in to a fixed time every day. This format works especially well for business leaders and their packed schedules, making it possible for them learn and explore ideas on the go. Here are 15 of the best podcasts on leadership.

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss has performed well in the podcast rankings, receiving awards from iTunes in consecutive years. He interviews the top thinkers and doers, such as Malcolm Gladwell and Jamie Foxx, in an effort to produce actionable suggestions for leaders.

  1. Off the Charts

Host Nathalie Lussier leverages her skills as a keynote speaker and her background in digital and online marketing to offer advice to business leaders. Each of her posts lasts just five minutes, making it the perfect length for professionals on a tight schedule.

  1. Dose of Leadership

With experience in the Marines, the flight industry, and corporate business, Richard Rierson posts interviews with other high-level leaders on his podcast. Some of his past guests include Simon Sinek, Barbara Corcoran, and Steve Forbes.

  1. EntreLeadership

The EntreLeadership podcast is an extension of a book by the same title, authored by Dave Ramsey. Host Ken Coleman leads discussions with top executives on topics such as how to establish a successful business and how to lead and manage employees.

  1. The Full Ratchet

Nick Moran, host of The Full Ratchet, entered the podcasting sphere in 2014. He focuses on investment and all things venture capital with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and business leaders get new companies off the ground and into sustainability.

  1. Rocketship.FM

Another great selection for startup leaders is Rocketship.FM, which has a current inventory of more than 200 discussions with entrepreneurs who have had success in launching their businesses. Episodes cover everything from problem solving to staying focused.

  1. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Andy Stanley, a pastor, author, and television host, offers his many ideas on leadership to podcast listeners. He aims to help leaders accelerate the growth of their careers, and he often answers individual questions submitted to him.

  1. Coaching for Leaders

Producer and host Dave Stachowiak views leadership as a learned skill, and his podcast serves as a platform to educate. He started the project in 2011, and since then, he has gained a monthly followership of more than 100,000.

  1. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

The Stanford School of Engineering runs an entrepreneurship center, and its members produce this podcast. Listeners will benefit from ideas about starting new companies, but more importantly, on how to think like a leader and entrepreneur.

  1. The Perry Noble Leadership Podcast

Pastor Perry Noble resides in South Carolina, and his podcast focuses on leadership in a religious setting. He partners with Shane Duffey to produce monthly episodes with strategies useful for leaders in an evolving world.

  1. Read to Lead Podcast

The Read to Lead Podcast upholds the motto “listen, learn, lead,” by providing interviews with some of the best authors on leadership. An inventory of more than 140 episodes features discussions with such writers as Seth Godin and John Maxwell.

  1. Leadership Development News

Hosted by Dr. Relly Nadler and Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Leadership Development News presents the latest in leadership in podcast form. Drs. Nadler and Greenburg recognize the importance of leadership and aim to help leaders make the most of their skills and position.

  1. The Awesome Office Show

Sean Kelly, the founder of the Association of Workplace Engagement, invites leaders and top executives from the most successful companies today to share their insights with listeners. He places an emphasis on working with people and creating positive work cultures.

  1. Engaging Leader

Jesse Lahey, CEO of Aspendale Communications, hosts Engaging Leader, a podcast on which he discusses the various principles behind inspiring and impacting others. Subscribers will learn new ways to work with team members and how to better gain trust.

  1. The Executive Book Club Podcast

Another book-based program, the Executive Book Club Podcast features episodes on a wide range of topics and ideas as found in leadership books. Host Maya Mathias pulls this information from bestsellers, as well as lesser-known publications, to provide the best of the best on leadership.