16 Apps That Can Boost the Productivity of Leaders

16 Apps That Can Boost the Productivity of Leaders

Offering the ability to simplify and improve the way people interact, learn, and do business, mobile devices are a staple of day-to-day living. Estimates show that the average person checks his or her phone anywhere from 46 to 150 times each day, whether it’s to send a message, take a phone call, or check the time. Apps also influence the number of times that people check their phone each day.

Leaders interested in maximizing their time have likely discovered the broad array of mobile apps designed to increase productivity. Of these types of digital aids, there are hundreds—if not thousands—of options. The list below gives some suggestions of useful apps that can help individuals to organize, communicate, and lead:

  1. Expensify

Expensify logoThe Expensify app works well for people who frequently travel and need to track their expenses. With the app, users simply take a picture of their receipt, and it will generate a report. Expensify also tracks your mileage and commute time.

  1. Pocket

Since it is not always possible to read everything that interests you or that seems important, Pocket has created a space for all of your “read later” items. The app connects this list to all of your devices for easy access when time permits.

  1. Google AdWords

For leaders who integrate pay-per-click campaigns into their marketing efforts, the Google AdWords app makes it possible to tweak keyword bids or ads on the go. The system sends notifications directly to your phone so that you can stay engaged while away from your laptop or PC.

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist offers a new spin on the traditional to-do list by allowing users to set reminders for different tasks and to open up the list to multiple contributors. Leaders can share their itineraries with team members and communicate through the app’s messaging capabilities.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Social media—and Facebook specifically—has become a viable means for advertising. Facebook Ads Manager is similar to the Google AdWords app in that it allows users to set up notifications and to track the progress of their marketing campaigns straight from their phones.

  1. Outlook Mobile

outlookapplogoThe Outlook Mobile app is touted by many as the best on the market for emailing, keeping a calendar, and tracking documents. Users can integrate all the elements that matter most on a daily basis, simplifying communications and scheduling.

  1. Polymail

Another competitor on the email app market, Polymail offers a unique set of customizable features while simultaneously maintaining simplicity. The app enables users to send email at designated times and to track certain message threads.

  1. Syncplicity

For leaders who need to send documents, Syncplicity provides an ideal platform, regardless of the size of the file. Users can sync and share their documents or pictures with anyone on any device. The free app features up to 10 GB of storage, with bigger packages available.

  1. Slack

Emails are burdensome, and they often stack up quickly and become unorganized. Slack addresses this problem by creating live conversation threads in which two or more people can interact. The app provides a search feature for finding information when you need it.

  1. IF

App developer IFTTT (If This Then That) designed IF as a platform for storing all of the other apps people use, including Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. The app makes it possible to automate a wide range of tasks, such as automatically storing Instagram photos on Dropbox.

  1. LastPass

last pass logoThe LastPass app provides an all-in-one service for login passwords. Downloading this app allows users to generate and safely store their passwords for whatever accounts they may have. The app also automatically fills out information forms for new sites that require a profile or membership.

  1. GoToMeeting

Leaders may find the GoToMeeting app particularly useful, as it facilitates digital meetings on mobile devices. The app, which connects individuals through audio and video, provides screen sharing so that participants can look at one another while reviewing spreadsheets or to-do lists.

  1. Trello

The Trello app is a good option for leaders who want to monitor multiple ongoing projects. On this platform, users can track the progress of any range of projects on customizable cards, and they can set reminders and notifications for upcoming deadlines.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is among the better-known productivity apps, with more than 150 million users to date. The application organizes your notes, to-do lists, documents, pictures, and files, and it automatically syncs this information across multiple devices.

  1. Google Keep

The Google Keep app covers many of the same capabilities as Evernote, which includes recoring audio. In addition, the app features customizable color-coded notes and labels that make organizing easier and more visually appealing.

  1. Uber

uber logoUber has risen in popularity because the app connects individuals to the transportation they need, cutting out wasted time waiting for a cab. No reservations are required with the Uber app, and users can expect a ride within minutes of each request.