Relief Bus Presents at 25th Anniversary New York City Relief Gala


Eugene Chrinian Relief Bus

Relief Bus presented at the 25th anniversary New York City Relief Gala, and Eugene Chrinian was pleased to be a part of the volunteer effort. Owner of the ballooning business Ashley Furniture HomeStores of NY & NJ, Chrinian helped the organization by preparing and serving meals to the undernourished. Chrinian asks that others take part as well, expressing that there are no requirements for desiring to take part in restoring happiness and health to humanity. Chrinian also supports the Wounded Warrior project, and believes in spiritual retreats that bring together people who share a common vision. The vision here, of course, is one born out of love and empathy.

Relief Bus believes enlightenment of self comes from helping those in need. To share a part of what you experience with those who are disadvantaged or underserved is what holds the fabric of a society together. Relief’s Bus motto, “These things we do, that others may live,” reiterates the giving of some of the community’s most caring individuals. What once consisted of just two buses loaded with people looking to make a difference, the Relief Bus has increased its manpower to include many mobile centers which allows the organization to expand its reach. This year it reports an impressive 48,000 volunteers who helped in the effort to spread the kindness of generosity.

Whether it is professional training, sustenance and medical care, or the loving messages of literature and faith, the group refuses to turn its back on someone in need, and supplies that which is sought. Relief Bus members take a genuine interest in the people they help, and aim to get to know them for who they truly are. Using a carefully designed methodology of spreading compassion, instilling a sense of community, and sharing religious teachings, Relief Bus aims to save every person in need from dispiriting hardships. Faith is not a prerequisite for those in need of assistance, but the Relief Bus believes strongly in the revitalizing influence of the timeless morals taught in the bible.